About Us

Wholesale86.com is focus on provide high quality, reliable products for the businessmans in the world. We are involved in daily use, outdoor sports, gifts, ladies ' field.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and the most professional service. By our technical experts, sales team and after-sales service personnel, will provide our customers with high quality and professional pre-sales technical advice, design and after-sales service.

China is known as the Analects "Harmony is precious" teachings, we think "Harmony is precious" should be the tenets of enterprise activity, and shareholders, employees, customers, and industry groups, academic institutions, competitors, we have "Harmony is precious" principle to communicate. We responded with "enthusiasm"; the people we treated with "good faith". We will be warm and sincere spirit of customer service, and keep the products good quality, and strive to make greater contribution to social development and progress.